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Private Training

Accountability and motivation with the personal touch. Has your progress stalled or are you unsure how to achieve your goals? Whether you prefer to work 1 on 1, with a partner, or as a team, a Free consultation may help identify potential solutions.


Nutrition Coaching

You cannot out work nutrition! Tired of the weight loss - weight gain merry go-round? Finding out that diets offer temporary solutions at best? Develop life long nutritional habits that help get you into shape and stay there. Learn how to manipulate nutrition and take back control of your life. If you’re not eating for your goals, you’re eating against them.


Online Training

Personal training at your fingertips. Extensive exercise video library and customized programs available for Apple/Android give you the power to train on your own. Anytime, anywhere. Home or Gym. In app chat service and program check ins help keep you on track.

*Lift to Run program*- online workouts program exclusively designed for distance runners to make you a faster, stronger, and durable.


Private Training

60 minutes.

1 on 1. Semi-private. Small Group.

More than just a workout, private training is the best way to be held accountable, stay motivated and achieve results. Any worthy goal can benefit from professional assistance. All programs are tailored and designed to effectively improve your fitness. Pushing you towards your goal in a challenging, safe and encouraging environment. Forge your fittest, strongest self and take control of your health.


Nutrition Coaching

Do you have challenges over-eating? Are you tired of yo-yo and fad diets? What about understanding how calories and hormones affect weight control? Are you still not burning fat even though you’ve reduced your caloric intake to zilch? Does meal planning and crafting healthy meals seem like advanced trigonometry? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information regarding nutrition?

What do you do when exercise just isn’t enough?

There is a solution. Learn the skills necessary to develop successful strategies that will help you achieve your ideal weight and keep the weight off. As a certified Nutrition Coach, allow me to show you how.


Online Personal Training

It doesn’t get much simpler than having remote access to personal training and programs. Workout on your own time, on your own schedule, anywhere in the world. Each program is specifically tailored to your lifestyle and goals and delivered on a time released schedule to keep you motivated and moving seamlessly to your fitness goal.

Lift to Run - a distance runner specific weight resistance program designed exclusively to increase speed, durability and injury prevention.