Olin Gibson

Empirical Fit Founder

 Olin Gibson is the founder of and instructor for Empirical Fit. As a private trainer Olin helps individuals get closer to their fitness goals by developing programs to improve their exercise and nutritional habits week by week. Having spent over 6 years working as a personal trainer for large scale corporate gyms Olin knows that what truly determines a client’s ability to achieve their goal is commitment. How much dedication one has; to train for enough duration, to learn proper exercise progression, and to develop the necessary nutritional habits that will ultimately culminate in reaching their objective.

Olin holds a NASM CPT, and has several certifications in areas of movement science, including Trigger Point Therapy, Kettlebell Concepts, Barefoot Training, TRX Suspension Trainer and more. Olin has worked with major gyms such as Equinox and Reebok Sports Club, reaching top tier trainer status at each.

Olin earned a B.S. in business management from North Carolina State University.